30 September 2021

CEO of RocketVax, Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanovic, spoke to RTS about the development of a second-generation SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

“The research team of the company ‘Swiss Rockets‘ is working on a vaccine based on a weakened coronavirus,” explains the guest of the ‘Morning program’, Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanovic. “It will be a second-generation vaccine that, unlike the first-generation vaccines, such as the mRNA or the Oxford and Russian vaccines, which have only spike protein as […]

19 August 2021

L’Avenir: “Two new vaccines are expected in late 2021”

“Two new vaccines against COVID-19, using the recombinant protein technique, could be added to the vaccine range by the end of the year. One of them will be a Swiss vaccine: RocketVax.” To read the full interview with Dr. Vladimir Cmiljanovic, CEO of RocketVax, click on the document below. L’Avenir_2021_08_06 Source: L’Avenir

06 August 2021

Le Temps is reporting about CHF 7.2 million of seed funding raised for the development of RocketVax’s SARS-CoV-2 vaccine

“Founded in 2020, Basel-based company RocketVax has just secured funding to launch the pre-clinical phase of its Covid-19 vaccine development”. To read the full article published by Le Temps, click on the file below. LeTemps_2021_08_05 Source: Le Temps

23 July 2021

BZ Basel: “One step closer to new vaccine: human testing next year”

“RocketVax, a Basel-based company, has cleared another hurdle in the production of its new vaccine. It should protect longer and better against the coronavirus, as well as be able to be delivered all over the world.” BZ Basel is reporting about RocketVax’s SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. To read the full article, open the document below: BZ_Basel_20210716 Source: […]

29 June 2021

Bajour: “Big Pharma brings the power, startups provide the creativity”

Bajour is reporting about the creativity and potential of startup pharma companies. Among others, they presented the RocketVax project, the second-generation SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Klimkait. To read the full article, click on the link below: bajour.pdf Source: bajour.ch